Skin Care Plus – Antifungal

Ease, antifungal and skin care all in one.

Delivery by NZ Post/courier.

A proven powerful antifungal you can bathe in too. 

Oregano oil, renown from its reference in the Bible, mates up with tea tree oil (Aus.), sea buckthorn and orange oils with rice bran oil as a preservative and emollient carrier.

Lab proven oregano justifies its ancient use. Some fungi are hard to shift and medical care may be needed.

Skin Care Plus eases the itch and helps repair the damaged skin. Fungi can spread quickly and a teaspoon of the preparation added to a bath can check that. Sweet orange oil adds a pleasant well tolerated fragrance. Sea buckthorn aids the skin repair with its needed omega 7 oil.

Packed in 20ml carry jars and 50ml plastic flip top bottles. Economical in use. Discard 6 months after opening.

Skin Care Plus Oil 50ml $22