Welcome to a Power of Good.

Kevin and Felicity O'Brien

We are part of a family business based in Christchurch and have built a custom stand-alone  filtered air lab for safe production of our herbal remedies.

Kevin, 82, is joined in this by his wife Felicity, 54, an Anglican priest.  Her blogsite is here:  https://revfelicity.org/

Kevin nearly became a chemist but life took another path and is an Accountant among everything else. Felicity, alongside her church work,  is a musician and gardener with a keen interest in natural remedies.

Growing up in Wellington Kevin's mother introduced him to Pascoe the Herbalist who had a shop in Manners Street. Later those products inspired him to produce remedies for his own family use. Nits and nappy rash have all had to be dealt with. Seven children have given plenty of opportunity for practice.


In 2016 Kevin was on opiates daily for arthritis in his knees and hips and had xrays to prove he couldn't walk 200m. (He could barely do 50m.)

A Power of Good came about accidentally. We had been using Australian Tea Tree Oil  (which takes out staph. at only 1 part in 1500) and wanted to deal with the pain and nuisance of cuts and infections. Kevin began looking at traditional essential oils and made up a balm and applied it to himself. So? Not much happened but after a week arthritis pain began to lessen and seemed to be gone  after about three.  The tramidol were not needed. When was the next application required?

The next application was never required.  Any top-us has been so rare as not to be counted as such.  A long 2hr. celebratory freedom walk around the Botanic Gardens a few weeks later caused extreme back pain. That resulted in what is now a Power of Good Deep Care which was applied then over 3 days progressively reducing pain to nil. Acting in minutes it is now our get-up-and-go-to-work herbal remedy for muscle and other pains.

We began giving this to friends and family with similar reports and some new ones. A nurse has had bad eczema brought under control. Psoriasis has been made more tolerable; including the pesky itch which woke Kevin up from scratching in  his sleep. An intransigent diabetic ulcer has been reported cured. A two-month old baby was cured of a fungus infection through Skin Care Plus oil being added to her bath.


Everything we are offering has been tested by use over time. Our  preparations are novel but the selected herbals are  "generally regarded as safe" by international regulators. We also have to follow NZ law. Our herbal use complies with the List under the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act which is respected in NZ.

All the plant oils we have chosen have modern lab research verifying their vast and peculiar medicinal properties. The ancients had chosen wisely. In general they have been tested as equal or superior to common commercial choices, not just in effectiveness but in  lack of side effects. Some of those background papers are available on this site to justify our claims.

"First do no harm"

This injunction has been forefront. Many oils have been rejected. Dosage has been arrived at by studying scientific literature and testing - some of it personal. Preparations have been used in our eyes and on delicate tissues so we know the risks of accidental or deliberate application. We want to help not harm. We will only offer what we believe to be safe. Our herbals have too wide a range of usefulness to merely class them as "antiseptics" although most active ingredients have some of that property. That indirectly mean that we have to consult with users before advising them.

We feel compelled to offer these to others who may benefit as well.  We can make no promises but arthritic hands may be uncurled, pain rapidly relieved, skin cared for, psoriasis and  eczema made more comfortable and infection stopped.

All comments are welcome.


See Kev walking 2 Oct 2018 - 2 1/2 yrs (then) pain free.