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Skin Care Balm & Oil

Combined antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and skin healing aid.
Black cumin seed
Sea buckthorn fruit
Sweet orange
Tea tree (Aus.)
Rice bran carrier
Additive: beeswax to thicken balm.

Skin Care Balm 50ml $22

Skin Care Oil 50ml $25 with applicator

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CalmU Mood Lifter & Sinus Relief

Mood uplift from classic orange and lavender duo.

Balm can be placed on sides of nose.

Contains: Lavandin, Sweet orange, Rice bran

Additive: Beeswax to thicken.

CalmU Balm 20ml $11

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Mouth Care

Tangy orange for infections or breath.

Distilled water
Glycerine (veg.)
Sweet orange oil

Mouth Care Liquid 50ml $14

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Skin Care Plus Antifungal

Comfort & healing. Direct application or add teaspoonful to bath.

Contains oils:
Sweet orange
Sea buckthorn fruit
Tea tree (Aus.)
Rice bran carrier

Skin Care Plus Oil 50ml $22

(Brown fliptop will be used to protect oil from sun.) Click for more.

Skin Care Oil Light

Moisturiser and skin care. Protection in psoriasis and eczema.

Contains oils:
Sea buckthorn fruit
Sweet orange
Rice bran carrier


Skin Care Light Oil 50ml $16 in fliptop bottle